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Fourth IAUC webinar – Local climate zones

2021-05-05 in Newsletter

Iain Stewart (left) and Matthias Demuzere (right) will present on the history, use and future directions of the LCZ system

The IAUC is pleased to invite to a fourth IAUC webinar on May 27 14:00 UTC where we will discuss past, current, and future research related to local climate zones (LCZs) with the world’s experts. Nowadays, the LCZ classification system is used in many studies, ranging from measurement site classification, urban planning, to numerical weather prediction. In this webinar the following presenters will explore how the LCZ’s came into being and how they can be used.

  • Dr Iain Stewart (University of Toronto, Canada ) “Personal reflections on the LCZ classification system”
  • Dr Matthias Demuzere (Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany) “LCZ mapping, a means to many ends”
  • Facilitated Q&A and discussions (~ 40 mins)

We are looking forward to your joining this webinar and celebrating and engaging with the urban community. Use this link to register.

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Urban Climate News March 2021

2021-04-07 in Newsletter

Issue 79, March 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 79, March 2021) is now available. The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 78, December 2020) is now available. It includes a feature on crowdsourcing urban wind data and on a new web application to create Local Climate Zone maps. A scientific reports reviews challenges of urban roughness representation and impacts webinar on forests, nature, and public space during the global pandemic.

Urban Climate News December 2020

2021-01-14 in Newsletter

Issue 78, December 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 78, December 2020) is now available. The issue features studies looking at air quality in cities during COVID-19 lockdowns in Italy and the effect of vertical urban development on microclimates in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. It further reports on the new IAUC Webinar Series launched by the IAUC Community Engagement Committee.

Second IAUC webinar on extreme heat in cities – Chao Ren and Scott Krayenhoff

2020-12-11 in Newsletter


The IAUC is pleased to invite you to the second IAUC webinar on 15/16 December (depending on your timezone), that will celebrate our very own Timothy Oke Award winners: Chao Ren and Scott Krayenhoff, both winners in 2020.

Date and time: 16 December 01:00 UTC*.

Theme: Celebrating IAUC’s Timothy Oke award winners and discussion on ‘Extreme heat in cities: health impacts and mitigation strategies’.


  • Chao Ren (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong): Investigating extreme urban heat and its impact on health (~ 15 mins)
  • Scott Krayenhoff (University of Guelph, Canada): Infrastructure-based adaptation to extreme urban heat (~ 15 mins)
  • Discussion with all of you about extreme heat in cities health impacts and mitigation strategies, lead by Dev Niyogi (University of Texas, USA). (~ 30 mins)

We are looking forward to your joining this webinar and celebrating and engaging with the urban community. Participants can register here:

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Urban Climate News September 2020

2020-10-05 in Newsletter

Issue 77, September 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 77, September 2020) is now available. In a special section, the membership consultation on ICUC-11 and its postponement to 2022 are summarized. It features the 2020 Luke Howard Award and Timothy Oke Award Winners. The issue further contains a news report on racist housing policies that created oppressively hot neighborhoods in the US and two research reports on turbulent exchange processes in urban canopies and bird species diversity on and around large-scale green buildings.

Urban Climate News June 2020

2020-07-17 in Newsletter

Issue 76, June 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 76, June 2020) is now available. It features news on the challenges of urban heat under COVID-19, a research contribution on the magnitude and seasonality of global surface urban heat islands, a report on a “mapathon” to identify LCZs in African cities and a tribute to remembering Baruch Givoni (1920-2019).

Passing of Professor Emeritus Baruch Givoni

2020-05-27 in Newsletter

Professor Baruch Givoni

The Board of the IAUC is saddened to announce the passing of Professor Emeritus Baruch Givoni, on the eve of his 100th birthday. Prof. Givoni was a pioneer in the understanding of urban and building climatology, and his prolific work over many decades included the landmark book “Man, Climate and Architecture” as well as the highly influential WMO publication “Urban Design In Different Climates“. Beyond the respect and admiration that he enjoyed around the world, Baruch was beloved by those who knew him as a modest and unassuming person. His generosity of spirit, his curiosity and his active pursuit of knowledge endured until his final days.

Urban Climate News March 2020

2020-04-08 in Newsletter

Issue 75, March 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 75, March 2020) is now available. It features first (urban) climate impacts of the unprecedented lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also announces the new Timothy Oke Award, a IAUC research excellence award for early- to mid-career scientists in our field. On the research section the issue features a contribution on the UHI in Beijing and how it is impacted by population migration as well as a call for participation in a new multi-site evaluation project for modelling urban areas.

Urban Climate News December 2019

2019-12-27 in Newsletter

Issue 74, December 2019

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 74, December 2019) is now available. It features how teenager Greta Thunberg managed to get the world’s attention on climate action – what researchers and activists have struggled for decades. News on the dramatic urban air quality caused by massive bushfires in Australian cities and the relevance of history in contemporary heat island research are included. Further the newsletter reports on the modeling of the distribution of urban cold-air paths.

Urban Climate News September 2019

2019-10-10 in Newsletter

Issue 73, September 2019

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 73, September 2019) is now available. It features a review of indoor thermal comfort in the tropics, a project report on sunshine changes in Eastern Chinese cities, and reports from the IAUC supported 2019 Urban Climate summer school in Bucharest, Romania.