Several very successful international conferences on urban climate were held between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. One set was organized by the WMO (sometimes with the collaboration of the WHO and CIB) in Brussels, Moscow and Mexico City. A second sequence of urban climate meetings was run by IFHP in Herzliya-on-Sea and Karlsruhe. These endeavours came together in the form of joint meetings, starting in 1989, under the name International Conference on Urban Climatology (ICUC), with the occasional collaboration of other cosponsors (e.g. AMS, ISB, IGU).  IAUC assumed responsibility for ICUCs with the meeting in Lodz, Poland, in 2003.

This page provides information on the International Conferences on Urban Climate and their proceedings, where available

Year Location Proceedings
2018 New York, USA ICUC-10 Conference Information
ICUC-10 Program
ICUC-10 Photograph Gallery
2015 Toulouse, France ICUC-9 Presentations
ICUC-9 Programme with extended abstracts
2012 Dublin, Ireland ICUC-8 Proceedings PDF
2009 Yokohama, Japan ICUC-7 Proceedings (HTML)
2006 G├Âteborg, Sweden ICUC-6 Proceedings PDF
2003 Lodz, Poland ICUC-5 Proceedings (Zip)
1999 Sydney, Australia Unavailable
1996 Essen, Germany Unavailable
1993 Dakha, Bangladesh Unavailable
1989 Kyoto, Japan Unavailable

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