IAUC Awards

The IAUC currently oversees three awards.  The text provided here is an overview of the awards. 

The Awards Policy Document  (HTML    Word Format) provides the full text of the IAUC awards procedures and policy.


The Luke Howard Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Urban Climatology.

The Luke Howard Award will be given annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of urban climatology in a combination of research, teaching, and/or service to the international community of urban climatologists.  The IAUC Awards committee will recommend to the IAUC Board the recipient of this award.  The IAUC Awards committee can elect not to give an award in a given year.

Nomination materials will be collected by a nomination coordinator, i.e., the first person who notifies the chair of the IAUC Awards Committee that a particular person will be nominated.  No self nominations are permitted and current Awards Committee members cannot be nominated.  The coordinator will collect the following documentation: three-page candidate-CV and three two-page letters of recommendation from IAUC members from at least two different countries.

Complete nomination packets (single electronic submission) are due to the Awards Committee Chair by 1 October of each year with a winner to be announce 1 December.

Luke Howard Award Recipients

Year Recipient (Hyperlink to citation and award ceremony photos) Citation
2009 Prof. Sue Grimmond, King's College London, UK. PDF
2008 Prof. Robert Bornstein, San Jose State University, United States. PDF
2007 Dr.Sci. Masatoshi Yoshino, University of Tsukuba, Japan. PDF
2006 Prof. Arieh Bitan, Tel Aviv University, Israel. PDF
2005 Prof. Ernesto JŠuregui, National University of Mexico. PDF
2004 Prof. Timothy R. Oke, University of British Columbia, Canada . PDF


The Japan Prize for IAUC meeting presentations (ICUC) by researchers from developing countries.

The Japan Prize honors researchers from developing countries who are judged to have given the best papers at an ICUC conference. The awards are made possible by Professor Y. Nakamura and seven of his colleagues from Japan.

A maximum of three awards (Value $1000 US for each recipient) for each International Conference on Urban Climate will be awarded by a sub-committee of the Awards Committee. 

Any researcher from a developing country (based on current country of residence/professional affiliation) presenting a paper at a ICUC conference is eligible. The definition of developing countries will follow definitions by the WMO.


The William P. Lowry Memorial Awards for authors/presenters at IAUC meetings (ICUC).

These awards are made possible by the sons of William (Bill) P. Lowry: Samuel C. Lowry and Porter P. Lowry II, September, 2005.

1.   The William P. Lowry Graduate Student Prize is a cash award of $200 made to the student author/presenter of the best oral presentation (or poster) in urban biometeorology/bioclimatology presented at the IAUC meetings by a graduate student. The winner will be judged during the course of the meetings by an ad hoc committee of three, appointed by the IAUC Awards Committee.

Ordinarily the prize will go to a paper that is also the subject of an oral presentation. However, the ad hoc committee may elect to award the prize to the author/presenter of a poster or other non-oral presentation, if they judge the work to be the most deserving.

The single work selected for this prize may be judged to be the most significant, innovative, seminal, groundbreaking, intellectually exemplary, and/or integrative among those eligible.

2.   The William P. Lowry Methodology Prize is a cash award of $200 made to the author/presenter of a paper (or poster) presented at the IAUC meetings that incorporates the best conceptual or experimental methodology.

The winner may be either a student or an established professional (with preference going to a student if two or more presentations are judged equally worthy); the system of judging is the same as that for the Graduate Student Prize, above.

The single work selected for this prize must be judged to use the best conceptual or experimental methodology among those eligible.

3.   The William P. Lowry African Student Travel Award is a cash award of $300 to help defray travel expense to the IAUC meetings for a graduate student traveling from the continent of Africa.  In the absence of a suitable candidate from Africa, the award may be made to a student from a similarly challenged region.

The recipient will be selected during the meeting registration process by an ad hoc committee appointed by the IAUC Awards Committee.

The award will be made to the first eligible applicant to register for the meetings who, in the committee's judgment, demonstrates a need for the support.

The committee will notify the recipient of the award and encourage the recipient to use the award to seek matching travel support from other sponsors.

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