James Voogt receives the 2022 Luke Howard Award

2022-09-19 in Awards, IAUC Statements

James Voogt

James Voogt receives IAUC’s 2022 Luke Howard award

We are delighted to announce Professor James Voogt of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as the winner of the 2022 Luke Howard Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Urban Climatology.

Jamie is an excellent scientist and very well respected pillar of the urban climate community on multiple fronts. His research contributions are of the highest quality, resulting from his careful attention to detail and exemplary unhurried approach to solving complex issues. He is a world-renowned expert on urban climatology, and the leading expert on thermal anisotropy and remote sensing of urban surface temperatures. His early publications are considered classics and remain highly relevant (and extensively cited) since they underpin much of our current understanding concerning both observational and modelling topics. Given the already widespread use of remote sensing in urban areas, and the ongoing development in this field, these publications remain key for the numerous applications and services making use of remotely sensed data, as well as for our fundamental understanding of urban climate processes.

In addition to these considerable scientific contributions, Jamie has achieved an immense amount for the urban climate community. He played a crucial role in helping to establish the IAUC and has shown continued selfless dedication to IAUC activities, in part through numerous board positions (including president from 2014-2018). He also served on the AMS Board of the Urban Environment (including as chair from 2002-2005). He has been instrumental in raising the profile of urban climatology in national and international meteorological organisations, which led to the development of joint urban climate sessions between multiple organisations and has helped to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and the exchange of knowledge and skills that are important for safeguarding the well-being of urban populations.

Jamie obtained his PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1995 before joining the University of Western Ontario where he is currently Professor of Geography. He is not only an excellent communicator in front of a considerable international audience but also one-to-one. Jamie’s dedication to his students and research assistants, his friendly and approachable manner, and his exceptional skills as a mentor have inspired and continue to inspire numerous young scientists. He co-authored the Urban Climates textbook, which has been translated into multiple languages and has become one of the key texts for current and future generations of urban climatologists all over the world.

Jamie is one of the most enthusiastic, engaged and highly regarded members of the international academic community. His service to the field of urban climatology is hard to match and he is a creative, thoughtful and talented scholar who has provided considerable fundamental and impactful scientific contributions of outstanding quality. He is thus highly deserving of the 2022 Luke Howard Award.

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