Dan Li receives the 2022 Timothy Oke award

2022-09-19 in Awards, IAUC Statements

Dan Li

Dan Li receives IAUC’s Timothy Oke Award

We are delighted to announce that this year’s IAUC Timothy Oke Award for Original Research in the Field of Urban Climatology will be given to a truly exceptional scientist: Associate Professor Dan Li, at Boston University.

Dan has made numerous outstanding intellectual contributions to the field of urban climate and boundary layer meteorology. In the nine years since obtaining his PhD from Princeton University, Dan has produced a remarkable amount of highly cited and significant research which spans a phenomenal range of topics including turbulence, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, hydrology and global climate. His work combines extensive observations, numerical modelling, analytical methods and fundamental theory to make substantial advances in our understanding of meteorological concepts and associated real-world applications. This impressive skill set in combination with creativity, curiosity and diligence mean Dan’s work has already had, and will surely continue to have, a major impact on urban climate.

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