Fourth IAUC webinar – Local climate zones

2021-05-05 in Events, Webinar

Iain Stewart (left) and Matthias Demuzere (right) will present on the history, use and future directions of the LCZ system

The IAUC is pleased to invite to a fourth IAUC webinar on May 27 14:00 UTC where we will discuss past, current, and future research related to local climate zones (LCZs) with the world’s experts. Nowadays, the LCZ classification system is used in many studies, ranging from measurement site classification, urban planning, to numerical weather prediction. In this webinar the following presenters will explore how the LCZ’s came into being and how they can be used.

  • Dr Iain Stewart (University of Toronto, Canada ) “Personal reflections on the LCZ classification system”
  • Dr Matthias Demuzere (Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany) “LCZ mapping, a means to many ends”
  • Facilitated Q&A and discussions (~ 40 mins)

We are looking forward to your joining this webinar and celebrating and engaging with the urban community. Use this link to register.

Local times

  • 07:00 27 May in Los Angeles (PDT)
  • 10:00 27 May in New York (EDT)
  • 11:00 27 May in São Paulo (BRT)
  • 16:00 27 May in Paris (CEST)
  • 19:30 27 May in Dehli (IST)
  • 10:00 27 May in Beijing (CST)
  • 00:00 28 May in Sydney (AEST)

The webinar will be recorded and shared with the community, so that people who are unavailable or in inconvenient time zones are able to follow the presentations and discussion.

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