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Summer 2016 edition of the Urban Climate News

2016-07-14 in Newsletter

The  Summer 2016 edition of the Urban Climate News is now available.

Table of Contents
News: Mapping urbanization • Birds stressed out • India forests 200 cities
Feature: A new anthropogenic heating database developed for US cities
Projects: The microclimatic effects of urban form and atmospheric stability
Special Reports: Climatic “memory”: The ancient olive trees of Jerusalem
Bibliography: Recent publications
Conferences: Upcoming gatherings
IAUC Board: IAUC has signed a new agreement of cooperation with WMO

Urban Climate News – March 2016 Edition Available

2016-04-08 in Newsletter

The March 2016 Edition of the Urban Climate News is now available.

Table of Contents
News: Rising tides? • Smarter birds •Earth Hour for cities • Viral warming
Feature: Adaptation of Asian cities to climatic changes − A Chinese tale
Projects: Simulation of heat waves
Urban-scale modeling of vegetation
Special Reports: Demonstrating net zero-energy settlements in Europe
Bibliography: Recent publications
Conferences: Upcoming gatherings
IAUC Board: Meteorological society honors veteran urban climatologist


ICUC-10 to be held in New York City

2016-02-25 in Newsletter

The Board of the IAUC is pleased to announce that NEW YORK CITY, USA will be the location for the next International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC-10). The conference will be held in summer 2018. Further details from the conference organizers will be forthcoming as the conference date nears. We look forward to seeing you at ICUC-10!

Winter issue of the Urban Climate News now available

2016-01-10 in Newsletter

Issue 58 of the Urban Climate News is now available.

The winter issue contains a feature article titled “Urban Meteorological Networks: An Urban Climatologist’s Panacea?” by Lee Chapman of University of Birmingham, UK, and several project reports discussing CO2 storage; TKE via LES; Tree transpiration; and urban heat islands.

Emerging Urban Dynamics & Future Sustainable Climates of Asian Cities

2015-11-02 in Newsletter

Panel Session – Emerging Urban Dynamics and Future Sustainable Climates of Asian Cities

A themed panel session in the Highlighting Asian Geographies: A One-Day Symposium in the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco

March 29 – April 2 2016

Organizers: Dr. Winston Chow (National University of Singapore) and Dr. Chandana Mitra (Auburn University)

Recently, cities throughout Asia are going through major transformations primarily through the drivers of globalization and urbanization. The aspirations of national and/or regional governments across Asian nations to develop “global” or “world” cities have amplified pressures on existing urban infrastructures of many cities in Asia, as well as led to massive transformations of land use and land cover towards increasing the extent of built environments. With future demographic trends suggesting that Asian cities will continue to develop at rapid rates, the resulting – and largely uncontrolled – urban growth will contribute to environmental and climatic changes at various geographical scales, which will be to the detriment of overall livability and urban sustainability. This focus of this proposed panel session would be to (i.) discuss and analyze the various ways in which urban climates have been changing across Asia, (ii.) assess the geographical impacts of these Asian urban climates across local, regional and global scales, and (iii.) evaluate the potential in utilizing existing climate knowledge towards the planning future sustainable Asian cities.

If you are registered to participate or present in the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting, and are interested to be a part of this panel session, please contact Winston Chow ( or Chandana Mitra ( by Tuesday November 17 20155 pm. Pacific Standard Time.

This session is organized with the help of the Asian Geography Specialty Group (AGSG) and is co-sponsored by the AAG International Research & Scholarly Exchange Committee (IRSEC)

Fall Issue of the Urban Climate News now available

2015-10-09 in Newsletter

Issue 57 of the Urban Climate News is now available.

The fall issue contains a feature article by Andrew Coutts “Green infrastructure for our cities: In Australia, it’s all about trees!” and a project report by Nina Schwarz “Analyzing the influence of urban form on heat islands in Europe” along with our regular “In the News” and “Bibliography” updates.

Following on the recently concluded ICUC-9/12th Symposium on the Urban Environment, this edition also includes a conference report by editor David Pearlmutter, celebrates our 2015 Luke Howard award winner, Professor Emeritus Anthony Brazel of Arizona Statue University and announces our student presentation award winners from ICUC-9/12SUE.



ICUC-9 Concludes

2015-07-27 in Newsletter

Thanks to all those who attended ICUC-9 in Toulouse for making it a memorable conference, and especially to Valéry Masson & Aude Lemonsu the ICUC-9 co-organizers for putting on a great show!

Check out images from the conference on twitter

Stay tuned for info on ICUC-10

Croucher Advanced Study Institute 2015-2016:

2015-07-02 in Newsletter

Applications for the 2015-2016 Croucher Advanced Study Institute (ASI): “Changing Urban Climate and the Impact on Urban Thermal Environment and Urban Living” are now open. The ASI will be held in Hong Kong 7-11 December 2015.

The ASI facilitates interaction between scientists in areas of current interest and aims to bring about greater assimilation and advancement of knowledge amongst established researchers and scientists.

There is no registration fee.  For more information see the ASI Poster and to apply online, visit

Deadline for applications is 14 August 2015.

For more information contact :

June 2015 Issue of the Urban Climate News

2015-07-01 in Newsletter

Issue 56 of the Urban Climate News is now available.  The summer 2015 issue contains a feature article on ‘A review of urban climate research in Curitiba, Brazil’, project reports on ‘A thermal walk in Florence’, and ‘A global urban climatology database’, a special report from Editor David Pearlmutter on recent articles in the UCN, along with ‘News’ and ‘Recent updates to the Bibliography’.  And see page 34 for the full citation for our 2014 Luke Howard award winner, Prof. Manabu Kanda!

Call for Nominations to the IAUC Board

2015-05-05 in Newsletter

We are now calling for nominations for 1 new member of the Board of the International Association for Urban Climate. This is to replace Hiroyuki Kusaka of University of Tsukuba whose term expires in 2015.

The Board seeks members eager to play an active role in the development of the society and who reflect the diversity of the membership in terms of their perspectives, fields of study and geographical location; we particularly encourage nominations of female members.

Nomination and election procedures are described on the IAUC Procedures and Administrative Matters page.