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Urban Climate News September 2022

2022-10-17 in Newsletter

Issue 85, September 2022

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 85, September 2022) is now available. The newsletter reports on the new Executive Board, the winners of the Luke Howard and Timothy Oke awards, and the upcoming ICUC-11 conference in Sydney in 2023. It also features new research on urban overheating, projects on urban energy modeling, and special reports on two summer schools and the recent IAUC Virtual Poster Conference.

Urban Climate News June 2022

2022-07-10 in Newsletter

Issue 84, June 2022

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 84, June 2022) is now available. The newsletter reports on research measuring CO2 emission reductions in cities due to the COVID-19 lockdown and on the impact of vehicle heat on the urban thermal environment. It also features news on heat waves in India, Pakistan and France. Furthermore, a special report on the “Urban climate, urban biometeorology, and science tools for cities” session at EGU General Assembly.

Urban Climate News March 2022

2022-04-19 in Newsletter

Issue 83, March 2022

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 83, March 2022) is now available. The newsletter reports research on an extreme heat and AQ episode in New York City and on urban water storage capacity inferred from observed evapotranspiration recession. It also introduces the FAIR network of micrometeorological measurements. Furthermore, a Special Report on a new book – “Urban Climate Science for Planning Healthy Cities” by Chao Ren and Glenn McGregor.

Urban Climate News December 2021

2022-01-14 in Newsletter

Issue 82, December 2021

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 82, December 2021) is now available. The newsletter announces the newly elected and approved IAUC executive, a Special Report on the very new book – “The Urban Heat Island: A Guidebook” by Stewart and Mills. It further contains a feature on the hydrological urban heat island and a project report on trends in numerical simulation of the urban thermal environment.

Urban Climate News September 2021

2021-10-05 in Newsletter

Issue 81, September 2021

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 81, September 2021) is now available. The newsletter honours the 2021 Luke Howard and Timothy Oke Award winners. It further contains a feature on how much do urban green spaces in Tokyo cool the city at night, and a project report on mapping urban microclimates.

Urban Climate News June 2021

2021-07-12 in Newsletter

Issue 80, June 2021

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 80, June 2021) is now available. President Nigel Tapper reports on the ongoing challenges and severe restrictions of international travel to and from Australia that unfortunately continue to impacts the planned ICUC-11 in 2022 and the needs to further postpone ICUC-11. The newsletter further features a story of collaboration on urban climate between PhD graduates. A project report highlights the interactions between urban environments with regional climate change. Further the news that past IAUC president Professor Sue Grimmond was awarded the prestigious Symons Gold Medal of the Royal Meteorological Society. Finally the newsletter features calls for two new board members and lists the latest statistics on membership diversity.

Urban Climate News March 2021

2021-04-07 in Newsletter

Issue 79, March 2021

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 79, March 2021) is now available. It includes a feature on crowdsourcing urban wind data and on a new web application to create Local Climate Zone maps. A scientific reports reviews challenges of urban roughness representation and impacts webinar on forests, nature, and public space during the global pandemic.

Urban Climate News December 2020

2021-01-14 in Newsletter

Issue 78, December 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 78, December 2020) is now available. The issue features studies looking at air quality in cities during COVID-19 lockdowns in Italy and the effect of vertical urban development on microclimates in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. It further reports on the new IAUC Webinar Series launched by the IAUC Community Engagement Committee.

Urban Climate News September 2020

2020-10-05 in Newsletter

Issue 77, September 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 77, September 2020) is now available. In a special section, the membership consultation on ICUC-11 and its postponement to 2022 are summarized. It features the 2020 Luke Howard Award and Timothy Oke Award Winners. The issue further contains a news report on racist housing policies that created oppressively hot neighborhoods in the US and two research reports on turbulent exchange processes in urban canopies and bird species diversity on and around large-scale green buildings.

Urban Climate News June 2020

2020-07-17 in Newsletter

Issue 76, June 2020

The latest issue of “Urban Climate News” (Issue 76, June 2020) is now available. It features news on the challenges of urban heat under COVID-19, a research contribution on the magnitude and seasonality of global surface urban heat islands, a report on a “mapathon” to identify LCZs in African cities and a tribute to remembering Baruch Givoni (1920-2019).