Two Postdoctoral Positions: Technische Universität Berlin

2016-05-03 in Positions

Two full-time postdoc positions will be available at the Technische Universität Berlin starting from June 1, 2016 to support the new BMBF research programme “Urban Climate under Change (Stadtklima im Wandel)“.

Excellent German language skills are essentially required for both positions!

The new BMBF research programme “Urban Climate under Change (Stadtklima im Wandel)“, which will start in June 2016, aims at development of an innovative urban climate model for entire cities like Stuttgart or Berlin that is able to resolve buildings and vegetation at spatial resolutions of 10 x 10 m² and finer, thus to simulate micro-scale atmospheric processes at sufficient accuracy. Therefore, comprehensive observational data on weather, climate and air quality will be acquired for three German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart) to validate the model. The BMBF research programme intends to involve selected user groups in model development and data acquisition for testing the new urban climate model and data acquisition concept and analysis tools with respect to their usability for a number of potential practical applications.

The first postdoc shall support Dieter Scherer (Chair of Climatology) in his scientific and administrative tasks as coordinator of the entire BMBF research programme. The contract will end on May 31, 2019, and may be renewed for a second period of three years depending on additional funding.

The second postdoc shall contribute to collaborative research on urban climate and air quality in Berlin involving both the Technische Universitaet Berlin and the Senate Department of Urban Development and Environment Berlin. The contract will end on November 30, 2017.

For further details,  please check the website where the job offers will be published soon.

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