The International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) is committed to, and promotes inclusive and equitable participation of a diverse community in its membership and activities including publications, meetings, conferences, awards and honors.

The IAUC has released a statement regarding the US Executive Order that affects travel to the US.

IAUC Organisation is comprised of the current Board and following Committees:

Awards Committee:


The IAUC Awards Committee will recommend to the IAUC Board up to one person to receive the annual IAUC Luke Howard Award for continued significant contributions to the field of urban climate.  It will also organize a sub-committee to run a student competition at ICUC meetings, prepare a section on the IAUC web page summarizing its activities, and report to the Board on its activities.

Chair, Awards Committee: Nigel Tapper


Objectives of the committee:

The main objective is to compile recent publications in all aspects of Urban Climatology. A bibliography of all recent papers is published in the IAUC newsletter and included in the online database at: We invite everyone to email their own references to the committee chair with a header “IAUC publications” and the following format: Author, Title, Journal, Volume, Pages, Dates, Keywords, Language and Abstract.  Only peer-reviewed publications are taken into account. Papers in all languages (not only English) are welcome.

Please contact Matthias Demuzere at


Terms of Reference

The prime functions of the Nominating Committee are to (a) encourage and assist wide participation by IAUC members in the workings of the Association, and (b) further the recognition of deserving members for awards.

In preparing its recommendations, the Nominating Committee shall take into consideration the scientific, regional, and gender makeup of the Society, and the need to maintain an appropriately diverse representation from the urban climate community.

Core Activities:

1. To ensure there is at least a minimum slate of nominees standing for election to the Board.

2. To encourage the nomination of appropriate persons for the Association’s awards.

3. To advise the President and Board regarding appropriate persons to be invited to serve in non-elected positions of IAUC (e.g. Webmaster) and as members of non-elected Committees (e.g. Awards, Bibliography, Membership, Newsletter, Teaching Resources).

Mode of Operation:
The Committee will normally communicate by e-mail. The Committee shall maintain close liaison with the International Representation and Membership Committees.

Membership and Terms of Office:
There shall be at least five members of the committee, each appointed for a three-year term. Membership can be renewed. Participation on the Committee does not preclude a member’s nomination to elected or non-elected office or for an award.

Appointment of the Committee
The Committee is appointed by the Board. Ordinarily, the Chair will be a current or past Board member.

Teaching Resources:

Contact Gerald Mills


Contact the IAUC Secretary, David Sailor

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