ICUC-10 / AMS Student Award Winners

2018-10-08 in Awards, IAUC Statements, Members, Newsletter

Congratulations to our student and other award winners at ICUC-10 / the 14th AMS Symposium on the Urban Environment. Here is the list of prizes and awards as announced in the latest newsletter:

“Oral Best Presentation Award”

  • Oscar Brousse, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Peter Crank, Arizona State University, USA
  • Daniel Fenner, TU Berlin, Germany
  • Mariana B. Alfonso Fragomeni, University of Georgia, USA
  • William Morrison, University of Reading, UK

“Oral Presentation Honourable Mention Award”

  • Rainer Hilland, University of Western Ontario, Canada
  • Saud Al Khaled, Arizona State University, USA
  • Beatriz Sanchez, CIEMAT, Spain
  • Vincenzo Sessa, University of Southampton, UK
  • Erin B. Wetherley, University of California Sann ta Barbara

“Poster Best Presentation Awards”

  • Isabella Capel-Timms, University of Reading, UK
  • Doo-Il Lee, Kongju National University, Korea
  • Judith Lorenz, TU Dresden, Germany
  • Takashi Nishimoto, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Andreas Wicki, University of Basel, Switzerland

“Poster Honourable Mention Award”

  • Pak Shing Yeung, Hong Kong University of Scin ence and Technology, Hong Kong
  • Michael Mau Fung Wong, Hong Kong University of Scin ence and Technology, Hong Kong
  • Harold Gamarro, City College of New York, USA
  • Jae-Hee Hahm, Kangwon National University, Korea
  • Edwin Alejandro Ramirez Aguilar, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

“William P. Lowry African Student Travel Award”

  • Modest Maurus Baruti, Ardhi University, Tanzania

“William P. Lowry Graduate Student Prize”

Made to the student author/presenter of the best presentation in urban biometeorology/bioclimatology presented at the IAUC meetings by a graduate student:

  • David L Miller, University of California Santa Barbara, USA

“William P. Lowry Methodology Prize”

An award made to the presenter at the IAUC meetings that incorporates the best conceptual or experimental methodology:

  • Hongshan Guo, Princeton University, USA

“Japan Prize”

The Japan Prize honors researchers from developing countries who are judged to have givn en the best papers at an ICUC conference. These awards are made possible by Professor Y. Nakamura and seven of his colleagues from Japan.

  • Surabhi Mehrotra, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Ankur Prabhat Sati, Indian University of Technology, Delhi, India
  • Karoline Meneguzzi Tonani, Ifes, Vitoria, Brazil

Thanks all award winners for making ICUC-10 / the 14th Symposium on the Urban Environment an excellent conference.

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