Call for nominations: Luke Howard Award

2014-12-25 in Awards

The call for nominations to the ‘Luke Howard Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Urban Climatology’ is now open. The Luke Howard Award may be given annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of urban climatology in a combination of research, teaching, and/or service to the international community of urban climatologists.

 IAUC members are requested to nominate suitable candidates for the Luke Howard Award.  The person making the nomination will act as the coordinator to put together a nomination package (including a CV of the nominee and three letters of recommendation).  Self nominations are not permitted and current Awards Committee members cannot be evaluated.  Complete nomination packets (single electronic submission) are to be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr Jason Ching

 Luke Howard Award Nomination Process

1.  Inform the Chair of the IAUC Awards Committee of the intent to nominate an individual.  The intent to nominate should be communicated via email to the Awards Committee Chair by January 15, 2015.

2.  Nomination materials should be collected by a nomination coordinator (i.e. the person notifying the Chair of the IAUC Awards Committee that a particular person will be nominated);

3.  The coordinator should collect the following documentation:
a) a five page candidate CV
b) three letters of recommendation from IAUC members from at least two different countries which are two pages in length.

4.  Complete packages should reach the Chair by February 28, 2015.

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