Call for nominations – 2021 Luke Howard Award

2021-04-08 in Awards

The IAUC is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2021 ‘Luke Howard Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Urban Climatology.’ The Luke Howard Award may be given annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of urban climatology in a combination of research, teaching, and/or service to the international community of urban climatologists.

The IAUC is committed to promoting equality and diversity. Therefore, we particularly encourage nominations for suitable candidates from undermrepresented groups.

The intent to nominate is due by Friday 2 May 2021. Full packages have to be submitted by Friday 25 June 2021.

The person making the nomination will act as the coordinator to put together a nomination package (including a CV of the nominee and three letters of recommendation). Self-nominations are not permitted and current Awards Committee members cannot be evaluated. Complete nomination packages should be submitted (as a single electronic submission) to the IAUC Awards Committee Chair, Dr Helen Ward: helen.ward [at]

Luke Howard Award Nomination Process:

  • Inform the Awards Committee Chair of the intent to nominate an individual. The intent to nominate should be commum nicated via email to the Awards Committee Chair by Friday 2 May 2021;
  • Nomination materials should be collected by the coordinator (i.e. the person notifying the Awards Committee Chair that a particular individual will be nominated);
  • The coordinator should collect and submit the following documentation in a single pdf file:
    a) a three-page candidate CV
    b) three letters of recommendation (of no more than two pages in length) from IAUC members from at least two different countries;
  • Complete packages should reach the Awards Committee Chair by Friday 25 June 2021. The IAUC Awards committee will then recommend the name of a recipient for consideration and approval by the IAUC Board. Nominations will be active for three years, and updated information may be submitted for consideration in the second and third years.

Previous winners include:

2020 Dr Alberto Martilli, CIEMAT, Spain
2019 Prof Janet Barlow, University of Reading, UK
2018 Prof Wilhelm Kuttler, Univ. of DuisburgmEssen, Germany
2016 Dr Walter Dabberdt, Vaisala Group, USA
2015 Prof Emeritus Anthony Brazel, Arizona State Univ,. USA
2014 Prof Manabu Kanda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
2013 Prof Emeritus Yair Goldreich, BarmIlan University, Israel
2010 Prof John Arnfield, The Ohio State University, USA
2009 Prof Sue Grimmond, King’s College, UK
2008 Prof Bob Bornstein, San José State University, USA
2007 Prof (Emeritus) Masatoshi Yoshino, Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan
2006 Professor Arieh Bitan, Tel Aviv University, Israel
2005 Professor Ernesto Jauregui, UNAM, Mexico
2004 Professor Tim Oke, UBC, Canada

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