Emerging Urban Dynamics & Future Sustainable Climates of Asian Cities

November 2, 2015 in Newsletter

Panel Session – Emerging Urban Dynamics and Future Sustainable Climates of Asian Cities

A themed panel session in the Highlighting Asian Geographies: A One-Day Symposium in the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco

March 29 – April 2 2016

Organizers: Dr. Winston Chow (National University of Singapore) and Dr. Chandana Mitra (Auburn University)

Recently, cities throughout Asia are going through major transformations primarily through the drivers of globalization and urbanization. The aspirations of national and/or regional governments across Asian nations to develop “global” or “world” cities have amplified pressures on existing urban infrastructures of many cities in Asia, as well as led to massive transformations of land use and land cover towards increasing the extent of built environments. With future demographic trends suggesting that Asian cities will continue to develop at rapid rates, the resulting – and largely uncontrolled – urban growth will contribute to environmental and climatic changes at various geographical scales, which will be to the detriment of overall livability and urban sustainability. This focus of this proposed panel session would be to (i.) discuss and analyze the various ways in which urban climates have been changing across Asia, (ii.) assess the geographical impacts of these Asian urban climates across local, regional and global scales, and (iii.) evaluate the potential in utilizing existing climate knowledge towards the planning future sustainable Asian cities.

If you are registered to participate or present in the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting, and are interested to be a part of this panel session, please contact Winston Chow (winstonchow@nus.edu.sg) or Chandana Mitra (chandana@auburn.edu) by Tuesday November 17 20155 pm. Pacific Standard Time.

This session is organized with the help of the Asian Geography Specialty Group (AGSG) and is co-sponsored by the AAG International Research & Scholarly Exchange Committee (IRSEC)

Fall Issue of the Urban Climate News now available

October 9, 2015 in Newsletter

Issue 57 of the Urban Climate News is now available.

The fall issue contains a feature article by Andrew Coutts “Green infrastructure for our cities: In Australia, it’s all about trees!” and a project report by Nina Schwarz “Analyzing the influence of urban form on heat islands in Europe” along with our regular “In the News” and “Bibliography” updates.

Following on the recently concluded ICUC-9/12th Symposium on the Urban Environment, this edition also includes a conference report by editor David Pearlmutter, celebrates our 2015 Luke Howard award winner, Professor Emeritus Anthony Brazel of Arizona Statue University and announces our student presentation award winners from ICUC-9/12SUE.



2nd International Conference on Urban Tree Diversity

October 9, 2015 in Meetings

In February 2016, Melbourne will be hosting the 2nd International Conference on Urban Tree Diversity.

The conference website can be found at www.urbantreediversity.org.

This conference is OPEN for ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS (deadline 23 October 2015)

Five leading experts in urban tree research and management practice will make plenary presentations at this event:

  • Susan Day (Viriginia Tech, USA) will present her research and progress of an ongoing USA program to promote urban forestry training and education.
  • C Y Jim (Hong Kong University, Hong Kong) will present on the challenges and opportunities of urban tree management in a rapidly growing Asian urban context.
  • Diane Pataki (University of Utah, USA) is a leading researcher of urban tree physiology and ecology, particularly in the context of hot, dry cities.
  • Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch (SLU, Sweden) will bring a vision of community participation and engagement to drive positive and lasting change in our urban forests.
  • Anne Jaluzot (Urban Green planning consultant, UK) Lead author for the Tree Design and Action Group (TDAG): ‘Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery’ (2014) and ‘Trees in the Townscape: Guide for Decision Makers’ (2012).

Conference: Countering Urban Heat Island through Mitigation and Adaptation

October 3, 2015 in Meetings

The conference ‘Countering Urban Heat Island and Climate Change through Mitigation and Adaptation’ will be held 30 May – 1 June 2016 at the Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, National University of Singapore. Abstracts are due: 31-Oct-2015 11:59 PM (GMT +8:00)

For more information visit http://www.ic2uhi2016.org/

Position: Technical lead for Joint UK Land Environment Simulator

September 28, 2015 in Positions

The technical lead for the UK’s community land surface scheme, the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), is currently being advertised (see http://careers.metoffice.gov.uk/current-vacancies).

The closing date for applications is the 12th October (i.e., in two weeks time).

Wageningen University “The Windy City” project: Postdoc and PhD positions

September 24, 2015 in Positions

The meteorology and air quality section of Wageningen University is recruiting a postdoc and PhD student to work on the research project “The Windy City” which aims to enhance the understanding of the spatial and temporal behavior of wind and turbulence in urban areas. The PhD project focusses on understanding the interactions between wind profiles in urban areas and the countryside, wave propagation by high buildings, as well as novel large-eddy simulations of wind and turbulence in a real-world city. The Postdoc project develops a large-eddy simulation model for the urban environment connected the atmospheric boundary layer, both for idealised and real world cities.

For more information about the two positions, please consult these weblinks:

Postdoc: https://www.academictransfer.com/employer/WUR/vacancy/29950/lang/en/

PhD student: https://www.academictransfer.com/employer/WUR/vacancy/29809/lang/en

Institute of Future Cities: Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral and Research Assistant Positions

September 20, 2015 in Positions

The Institute of Future Cities at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is looking for suitably qualified, young and energetic researchers and scholars to join its existing team to work on projects and topics related to (A) climate change and urban climate, (B) urban climate and health, (C) urban climate and space use, (D) urban climate and ageing, (E) urban climate, human thermal comfort and urban living, (F) urban climate and architectural design, and (G) urban climate and urban design and planning.

Research Assistant Professors

Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistants

For more information on the institute visit: http://www.iofc.cuhk.edu.hk/

Winter Cities 2016

September 17, 2015 in Meetings

International Winter Cities Symposium, hosted by the Ataturk University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, will be held in Turkey’s favourite winter city, Erzurum, in February 10-12, 2016. The symposium, which includes presentations of the invited speakers, will seek answers to the question of “How should a liveable winter city be?”.

The symposium addresses issues in a wide range from urban scale to inner and outer space design and tries to discuss both problems and solutions. Moreover, it is especially aimed to adapt growing importance of sustainable planning, energy efficiency and ecological development for winter cities.

IAUC Members will find many relevant themes including: cold climate sensitive planning and urban design, thermal comfort in winter cities, open space design and uses in winter cities, architectural design for cold climate conditions and others.

Abstracts are due 30 October 2015.

For more information: Winter Cities 2015

Rome 2015 – Science Symposium on Climate

September 17, 2015 in Meetings

Rome 2015 – Science Symposium on Climate will be held 19-20 November 2015 at FAO Headquarter in Rome) will focus on the multidisciplinary dimension of Climate Sciences in order to address the advances in Climate Sciences, Adaptation and Climate Impacts, Mitigation Strategies.

September 30, 2015: deadline for submission of short abstracts (note this has been extended).

Participation is free but registration is required.

Urban-related topics are included in the conference themes: ‘Climate change and the future of land system and biodiversity’, and ‘Climate change response actions’

For details see http://www.rome2015.it/call-for-abstracts/


Post-doctoral Researcher: URBANFLUXES project

September 17, 2015 in Positions

The Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) seeks a Post-doctoral Researcher to work on the research project URBANFLUXES (H2020 no. 637519).

Closing date for applications is Oct. 31, 2015.

URBANFLUXES (http://urbanfluxes.eu) will investigate the potential of Earth Observation (EO) to retrieve the anthropogenic heat flux, as a key component in the urban energy budget and by developing a method capable of deriving it from space. The postdoctoral researcher will collaborate with the URBANFLUXES consortium and will focus on combining of EO and urban climate methodologies to derive urban energy budget fluxes from Copernicus Sentinels synergistic observations for the cities of Heraklion, London and Basel.

For a full job description please see http://www.iacm.forth.gr/index_main.php?l=en&group=0&page=jobs

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